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Merging balance sheets: The key financial issues in law firm mergers

Colin Ives explores the key financial issues to manage in law firm merge

09 Nov 2012

Liberating problems: Creating an automated SaaS-based solution

James McKenna shares how his team created an automated SaaS-based solution for core system upgrades across Morrison &

08 Nov 2012

In it together: Property ownership for partnerships

Louis Baker discusses the key considerations in owning commercial property in a partnership o

05 Oct 2012

Editor's letter: Beyond survival

Does your firm have enough cash in the bank to realise its full potential in the coming years, asks Manj

21 Sep 2012

Change your fate: How to avoid a future of financial ruin

Mike Trotter discusses which changes to your firm’s growth strategy ?and partner obligations can safeguard it against financia

18 Sep 2012

Hedging bets: How to align compensation with firm strategy

Tom Berman discusses how to ensure your lawyer compensation scheme supports ?your firm’s long-ter

14 Sep 2012

Metric noise: Six ways to improve your firm’s performance

Simon Nash discusses the six measurements that can help you ?to determine the drivers and drags on your firm’

29 Aug 2012

Are you using the right financial metrics to predict future cashflow?

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham La

20 Aug 2012


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