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A matter of interest

Kerry Underwood analyses conflicting costs rulings on interest

13 Oct 2020


Striving for perfection

The perfect legal business does not have to be ‘pie in the sky’, says Simon McCrum 

13 Oct 2020

Latest news

Property lawyer struck off for altering dates

Solicitor used Tipp-Ex to make 'quick fix' to dates on legal document

27 Oct 2020


PI firms ‘wasting’ marketing budgets

Personal injury firms are 'wasting' their marketing budgets because they do not understand what potential clients are looking for

27 Oct 2020


Overturning a coroner’s verdict

Coroners’ investigations are limited in nature leaving families seeking answers, as Ben Keith and Benjamin Burge explain

13 Oct 2020


Saving for the future

The benefits of a pension scheme for self-employed partners far outweigh the complexity of the pension rules, according to Howard Hackney 

21 Oct 2020


Being human

In the shift to digital, we must not overlook the human touch, says Helen Hamilton-Shaw

21 Oct 2020


Women in law continue to suffer covid-19 ‘fallout’

The pandemic is continuing to have a detrimental impact on the finances and mental health of women in the legal profession, a snap poll has found

26 Oct 2020

Brexit: firms must urgently prepare

The end of the transition period ends 31 December and government is urging firms to prepare for an increasingly likely ‘no deal’ scenario

23 Oct 2020

SRA to pay £40,000 costs following failed prosecution

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal described the regulator’s handling of the case as ‘lamentable’

22 Oct 2020

Family courts crisis deepening amid rise in domestic violence

The president of the family division warns that the problems of the crisis in the family courts were not going away and are getting worse

21 Oct 2020

Nightingale Courts rolled out in Bristol and Chester

Two new courts have started hearing cases this week

21 Oct 2020

Simpson & Marwick de-merges from Clyde & Co

Edinburgh and East Lothian property firm to start a programme of growth

20 Oct 2020

Legal and professional services sector ‘overlooked’ and at risk

The UK legal services sector and the recognition of lawyers’ professional qualifications are at risk if no trade deal is reached with the EU 

19 Oct 2020

OLC appoints executive duo to lead LeO

Paul McFadden joins as chief ombudsman with Sandra Strinati as chief operating officer

16 Oct 2020


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