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Edging towards digital

The pandemic has highlighted the need for secure digital signings and identity checks, explains Sarah Dwight

07 Sep 2020

A kinder divorce

Cost, acrimony and time are the enemies of a ‘good’ divorce, so Kate Daly and Pip Wilson have sought to rid the process of all three

07 Sep 2020

Remote supervision

Nicola Laver asks how firms are approaching their supervisory obligations during the pandemic

07 Sep 2020

A profession under attack

Nicola Laver discovers how firms are dealing with heightened cyber threats amid the covid-19 crisis

03 Sep 2020

Human error identified as biggest cyber risk to firms

SRA finds human error was the biggest risk to firms’ cybersecurity over the last three years

03 Sep 2020

Out with the old, in with the new

Working remotely now feels normal for Pippa Allsop, but her main difficulty has been a human issue not technological

12 Aug 2020

22-week property transaction replicated in 10 minutes

A “shadow” conveyancing transaction has been completed in less than 10 minutes following a ground-breaking digital project 

10 Jul 2020

How do you regulate AI?

Helen Simm examines what direction the government might take on AI in a post-Brexit Britain 

24 Jun 2020

Family court ‘takes stock’ of long road ahead

The full family court estate should be open for public use by early July, according to a report published today 

09 Jun 2020


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