A matter of trust and reputation

Research reveals the extent to which client satisfaction is critical to the true success of a firm and the part technology can play in facilitating this, as LawNet’s Helen Hamilton-Sha

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Here be crypto dragons: it’s all about the evidence, proclaims th

Law Society outlines multiple barriers hindering lawtech

Widespread confusion, variation and fragmentation are all barriers to improving access to justice through innovation and technology, according to a Law Societ

Fair price, quality work: attracting SMEs

David Kirwan explains why we need to teach SMEs to judge lawyers on quality rather tha

Tech prize fund doubled

The prize money on offer through the Legal Access Challenge fund has been doubled to £500,000 in a drive to provide financial support for more legal tec

Panning for gold: no spark of genius required

Alan Larkin values the ‘eureka’ moment but says a spark of genius is not necessary fo

Regulation: a catalyst for innovation?

Alison Hook queries whether regulation is the stumbling block between the profession and a meaningful legal technolog