Technology concerns and Brexit fears keep law firm leaders up at night

In-house automation likely to reduce the need for external lawyers, surve

15 Mar 2017

An alliance of robot and lawyer

A close collaboration between new technology and human practitioners can enhance the lawyer-client relationship, writes Laure

14 Mar 2017

Embracing AI and other fantastic beasts

While the full capabilities of AI have not yet been realised, Rohit Talwar and Steve Wells explore some of the areas where firms have started to implement the technology and what could b

14 Mar 2017

Turning data into results

Firms generate plenty of data, but unless it is accurate, easily understood, and acted upon, it will not improve performance, explain Barry Wilkinson and Joh

14 Mar 2017

Conveyancing Association outlines ambitious e-reforms

Digital focus central to improving homebuyers

13 Mar 2017

Sustainable legal education, just in time

With not-for-profit legal advice providers pressed to deliver efficiencies, one charity is driving a collaborative effort in pursuit of securing legal help where it is most needed. Matthew Smerdon

07 Mar 2017

Sandboxes and drones

The SRA must demonstrate that it, too, can be innovative in how it supports firms keen to explore ne

03 Mar 2017