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Risk & Compliance

A profession under attack

Nicola Laver discovers how firms are dealing with heightened cyber threats amid the covid-19 crisis

03 Sep 2020

The climate change challenge

Silke Goldberg encourages conversation with clients on climate change 

03 Sep 2020

Human error identified as biggest cyber risk to firms

SRA finds human error was the biggest risk to firms’ cybersecurity over the last three years

03 Sep 2020

Risk of data breach a major concern to law leaders

The fear of a data breach or loss is a significant concern to leaders at the top 200 UK law firms, a survey revealed

19 Aug 2020

Solicitors warned of dubious investment schemes and risk of personal liability

Solicitors have been issued with a new warning in relation to dubious investment schemes after the regulator uncovered poor standards of practice

19 Aug 2020

Law Society calls for risk assessments in wake of Manchester Crown Court closure

Law Society urges HMCTS to risk assess courts in relation to covid-19 

13 Aug 2020

Never let a good crisis go to waste

Chris Marston discusses how firms can turn a crisis into a masterclass for change 

13 Aug 2020

Why are we so angry?

Dr Bob Murray considers what drives an increase in anger and how lawyers can respond

28 Jul 2020

How to reap ethical dividends

Gideon Habel outlines the ethical considerations as firms look at longer term changes

28 Jul 2020


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