Punitive threat: How to respond to an ICO Notice of Intent

Antonis Patrikios and Sabba Mahmood consider how to respond to an ICO Notice of Intent and minimise the financial and reputational impact on you

24 Mar 2015

Pricing for value: Develop a winning value-based pricing strategy

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23 Mar 2015

Flawed finances: The problems with how law firms measure profitability

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19 Feb 2015

Strategic resilience: Protect your law firm from future recessions

Rob Millard discusses the economic trends in the UK and US legal services markets and how law firms can build resilience to futur

17 Feb 2015

Funding liability: The impact of Excalibur Ventures v. Keystone on litigation fu

The Excalibur Ventures v. Keystone judgment has serious implications for the UK litigation funding market, warn Christopher Coffin and Andrew Dunkle

20 Jan 2015

Chris Marston: The red flags for banks when lending to law firms

Law firms with ambitious growth plans won't get far if they don't report the right information to their banks, Chris Marston tells Manju Manglan

15 Dec 2014

Stephen Denyer: How to avoid being a ‘dangerous’ managing partner

Managing partners who get 'carried away with growth' may be leading their firms into danger, Stephen Denyer warns Manju Manglan

11 Dec 2014