Expert witness

Negligence under lockdown

Selecting an expert in covid-19 related medical negligence claims could be a challenge, as Ellen Robertson explains

11 Sep 2020 | Expert witness

The incompetent expert

The Bar is a good sounding board for solicitors searching for the best expert, says Nick Barraclough

06 Mar 2020 | Expert witness

Trends: Key Issues Affecting key Witness Integrity

Mark Solon takes us through the results of the most recent Annual Expert Witness Survey to discover how the profession is still occasionally falling foul o

01 Feb 2020 | Expert witness

Imposter syndrome: choosing your witnesses wisely

Following the collapse of a case concerning a £7m carbon credit fraud this week, Mark Solon reflects on the importance of calling credible exper

31 May 2019 | Expert witness

Trust the experts

Recent judgments containing damning criticism of expert evidence provide a useful reminder of the duties experts owe to the court, write Kirsten Wall and L

02 Aug 2017 | Expert witness

Collaboration and cooperation with experts

Martin Spencer QC describes some of the significant issues currently facing experts, including the prevalence of hot-tubbing and difficulties with securing

11 Jul 2017 | Expert witness

No time to waste or delay

District Judge Glennis Corkill discusses the current trend of noise-induced hearing loss cases and advises practitioners on how to approach the court wit

How sure is sure?

We need a more rigorous definition of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, argues Clive Staffor

10 Nov 2016 | Crime

Book review: Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims

Alec Samuels reviews the ‘impressive’ textbook that he says would benefit lawyers with its ‘scholarship an

07 Nov 2016 | Expert witness

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