High Court quashes council’s discriminatory Catholic school transport policy

Swansea City Council defended its policy by saying those children affected were 'statisticall

22 May 2015 | Children

Inflexible policies

Rishi Mital and Matthew Wyard discuss the legality of the Nursing and Midwifery Council's time limits for the completion of degre

23 Feb 2015 | Education

Education update

Nicole Henham reflects on the introduction of the new Children and Families Act 2014 and the effect it will have on special need

23 Sep 2014 | Education

Education update

Universities failing to provide for students with disabilities is a growing litigation minefield, warns Jami

27 May 2014 | Education

Education law update

Salima Mawji and Abla O’Callaghan ask when is pursuing a contractual claim an abuse of process in higher educatio

20 Feb 2014 | Education

Update | Education: international students and cultural differences

International students dealing with cultural differences are suffering both academically and emotionally in our university system, says Salim

20 Sep 2013 | Education

Update | Education: disability discrimination at university

Salima Mawji considers the rising trend of disability discrimination a

24 May 2013 | Education

Update | Education: Is plagiarism a strict liability offence?

Salima Mawji and Asma Nizami ask if ?plagiarism is a strict liabilit

22 Feb 2013 | Education

Libel damages intended to ‘compensate rather than punish’, LCJ says

Baby P's father has compensation cut from 75,000 t

31 Oct 2012 | Education

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