Silver lining: age discrimination back in the spotlight

It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of the ban on age discrimination in services, public functions and associations but a new statutory code shoul

22 Apr 2014 | Discrimination

Is there scope for 'reasonable adjustment' in religious discrimination law?

The right to hold a religious belief cannot be a trump 
card against other conflicting individual rights, argue Katherine Apps and John Bowers QC as they s

23 Jul 2013 | Discrimination

The Seldon time-travel machine: succession planning as a justification for age discrimination

Law firms seeking to enforce compulsory retirement partnership rules should not give undue significance to ?the final decision in Seldon that succession pl

05 Jul 2013 | Discrimination

McCririck can go ahead with age discrimination claim

Former Channel 4 racing presenter was employee of TV productio

02 Jul 2013 | Discrimination

‘Public interest’ test for whistleblowing comes into force

One third of employers have faced whistleblowing claims, surve

25 Jun 2013 | Discrimination

Strasbourg closes long-running religious discrimination chapter

Strasbourg's Grand Chamber refuses to hear appeal against decision that Christian registrar was discriminated against on religiou

28 May 2013 | Discrimination

European briefing | A new approach to disability discrimination

Two new ECJ cases demonstrate that the court will adopt a broad approach to discrimination. Sickness itself is not a disability, but it can be a cause, rep

17 May 2013 | Discrimination

Government bans caste discrimination

MPs abandon attempt to change EHRC's duties

23 Apr 2013 | Discrimination

Virgin Atlantic wins ‘name racism’ battle

Kpakio swapped more than just name when he made secon

22 Apr 2013 | Discrimination

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