Career development

A climate for solicitor negligence?

Michael Young explains why he is unsuprised by an uptick in notification of negligence claims

19 Feb 2021 | Career development

CILEX announces new route to qualification

CILEX has today announced the launch of new route to qualification as a paralegal or

11 Feb 2021 | Career development

Beyond entry: Plans to tighten ongoing competency checks

The LSB is proposing a more robust approach to the continuing professional competence of

10 Feb 2021 | Career development

How to emerge stronger

With a little self-confidence and forward-thinking, young family lawyers can survive the

04 Feb 2021 | Career development

Of mutual advancement

In the second of a two-part feature on mentoring, Nicola Laver examines the importance of

Lawyers' salaries stagnated in 2020

Research reveals lawyers’ salaries have stagnated and there was a 4.8% increase in

Mentoring: No man is an island

In the first of a two-part feature on mentoring, Nicola Laver examines the importance

£0.5m raised by the 5-year First 100 Years project

More than £500,000 was raised in just five years by the First 100 Years project to

15 Dec 2020 | Career development

'Extremely concerning': BAME solicitors over-represented in SRA

SRA releases data revealing an ethnicity disparity in solicitors facing regulatory

14 Dec 2020 | Career development

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