Law Commission proposes reform of wedding laws

Commission proposes sweeping reforms to modernise laws governing wedding formalities.

15 Feb 2021 | Family

How to emerge stronger

With a little self-confidence and forward-thinking, young family lawyers can survive the

04 Feb 2021 | Career development

How can remote family hearings be improved?

Remote hearings cannot replicate a court room but they do the next best thing, says Emma

27 Jan 2021 | Children

Cohabitation and societal upheaval

There is scope for significant reform to cohabitation law if only we looked to other

27 Jan 2021 | Cohabitation

The virtual divorce

Edward Cooke explains why family law professionals must embrace training opportunities to meet

20 Jan 2021 | Divorce

‘Normal’ court hours clarified by family court president

The president of the Family Division has made clear that longer court hours are not

08 Jan 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

An extra £500m for the courts doesn’t go far enough

A £413m government investment into the family courts and tribunals, boost court capacity

27 Nov 2020 | Crime

Aspiration or commitment?

The government’s legal support grant for litigants in person does not fulfil on its

23 Nov 2020 | Family

Wellbeing not an ‘optional extra’ as volume of family cases

More sitting days have taken place on family cases in 2020 than in any previous year despite

18 Nov 2020 | Courts & Judiciary

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