Litigation funding can be the perfect solution to cashflow squeezes

By Nick Rowles-Davies, Managing Director, Burford Capita

15 Jun 2014

Lessons for big law firms from sole practitioners

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham La

23 May 2014

Streamlining partnership: The wider impact of the UK LLP tax changes

The controversial UK LLP tax changes have had the added benefit of removing the distinction between equity and non-equity partners, says Fergus Payn

23 May 2014

Pricing tactics: Strategic responses to international client pressures on pricin

Richard Burcher suggests some strategic and tactical responses to the BigLaw international pricing strategy dilemm

28 Apr 2014

Funding blueprint: Improve your relationship with your bank

Give your bank the same courtesy as your equity partners and include it in your business planning processes, says Steven Evans 

28 Apr 2014

Growth structure: Choose the right business structure under the UK LLP tax refor

Strategic growth, not tax treatment, should be central to choosing your firm’s business structure under the UK LLP tax reforms, says Mark Jone

22 Apr 2014

Pricing dissonance: Big law firms’ international pricing strategy dilemma

Clients are happily exploiting the endemic pricing inconsistencies within large law firms, warns Richar

21 Mar 2014

Change of status: Manage newly-classified LLP salaried members

Louis Baker and Susan Ball consider the practical steps to take if an LLP member will be classed by HMRC as a salaried member from 6 Apri

20 Mar 2014

LLP vs. Ltd Co: Restructuring your firm in light of the UK LLP tax changes

In the first of a series of five team articles on how to restructure your ?law firm in light of the UK LLP tax changes, Jonathan Cheney provides ?an overview of the areas to consider when choosin

20 Mar 2014