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Partnership accounts: The new LLP SORP accounting rules

Steve Gale outlines how the accounting rules for UK limited liability partnerships will change from 1 January 201

24 Oct 2014

Risk maturity: Adapting risk management systems to new threats

Peter Bennett reveals how he is evolving the risk management system which saved his firm £3m in PI

24 Oct 2014

Legal pipeline: Lessons in pipeline management from accountancy firms

Accountancy firms have perfected the art ofpipeline management, say Sally Calverley and Simon White. They reveal the key learnings for law firm

23 Oct 2014

Creating, communicating and managing billing expectations of lawyers

By Julious P. Smith Jr, Chair Emeritus, Williams Mullen 

23 Oct 2014

After the crisis: Should law firms self-impose capital adequacy standards?

William Arthur considers whether law firms should self-impose capital adequacy standards to ensure long-term financial stabilit

22 Sep 2014

Jonathan Watmough: Why RPC’s partners earn more for teamwork than billable hours

RPC’s managing partner tells Manju Manglani why his partners ?are rewarded with a higher share of the firm’s profits for ?teamwork than bill

22 Sep 2014

Intake risk: Accepting new instructions on a contingency fee basis

Contingent litigation is a risky business, says John Cahill. He discusses how his firm determines whether a new instruction should b

21 Aug 2014

LLP stakeholders: Financial reward and ownership under the Finance Act 2014

William Wastie explores the options under the Finance Act 2014 for UK law firms looking to change their reward and ownership structure

20 Aug 2014

Sean Connolly: How global client teams can improve firmwide revenues

Sean Connolly reveals to Manju Manglani how Mayer Brown's global client-team programme helped it to beat pre-crisis revenues and profit

31 Jul 2014


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