Stephen Denyer: How to avoid being a ‘dangerous’ managing partner

Managing partners who get 'carried away with growth' may be leading their firms into danger, Stephen Denyer warns Manju Manglan

11 Dec 2014

Incentivised leadership: A new model for managing partner compensation

Are your interests aligned with your firm’s long-term business goals? ?Bryan Schwartz suggests a new model for managing partner compensatio

26 Nov 2014

How we increased fee income by 14 per cent with no increase in overheads

By Andrew Wright, Managing Partner, Clarkson Wright & Jake

25 Nov 2014

Well-run law firms centralise control of inventory and receivables

By Julious P. Smith Jr, Chair Emeritus, Williams Mulle

24 Nov 2014

Fraud fingerprints: The warning signs of fraud and money laundering

Kevin Shergold explores the trends and warning signs of fraud and money laundering in law firms and clien

21 Nov 2014

Seesaw staffing: The optimal leverage ratio in law firms

Leverage has an inverted U-shaped relationship with performance in diversified law firms, reveal Amit Karna, Ansgar Richter and Monika Schomme

29 Oct 2014

Growth metrics: How scale and geographic spread affect law firm profitability

Do scale and geographic spread dilute economic performance in law firms? Rob Millard reveals his research finding

27 Oct 2014

Partnership accounts: The new LLP SORP accounting rules

Steve Gale outlines how the accounting rules for UK limited liability partnerships will change from 1 January 201

24 Oct 2014

Risk maturity: Adapting risk management systems to new threats

Peter Bennett reveals how he is evolving the risk management system which saved his firm £3m in PI

24 Oct 2014