Back to basics: Why your firm needs to focus again on basic financial management

A greater focus on basic financial management principles can increase firm profitability, says Robi

23 Apr 2013

Rethinking pricing: Why fixed fees and value pricing are not pricing innovations

Fixed fees and value pricing should not be treated as pricing innovations, says Chris How

18 Apr 2013

Sharing ownership: Why UK law firms should embrace employee share ownership

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15 Apr 2013

The problems with AFAs run deeper than resistance to change

By Julious P. Smith Jr, Chairman Emeritus, William

09 Apr 2013

Taxing liabilities: The issues to manage when closing an LLP

What happens when a LLP’s business comes to an end? ?Colin Ives explores the key issues in managing losses an

20 Mar 2013

Informed decisions: Using business analytics to improve firm profitability

John Banister discusses how he has used business analytics to improve firm profitability and matte

19 Mar 2013

The problems with assessing overall partner contribution

By Ian Jeffery, Managing Partner, Lewi

11 Mar 2013

Insuring earners: Disability insurance for law firms

Law firms that provide disability insurance can gain an advantage in ?the battle for top talent, says Conni

01 Mar 2013

Central control: Why you should centralise pricing decisions

A centralised approach to pricing can help your firm to get more work, clients and profits, says Chri

22 Feb 2013