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Winning fees: Alternative litigation funding in commercial cases

Tamar Halevy explores the likely practical impact of LASPO ?on alternative litigation funding in commercial case

19 Jun 2013

Taxing partnerships: The impact of proposed new UK partnership taxes

Colin Ives and Anna Jarrold discuss how proposed ?changes to UK partnership taxes could affect both ?you and your law fir

17 Jun 2013

Storm survival: How mid-sized law firms can reduce their PII premiums

Mid-market firms can reduce their PII premiums by obtaining independent accreditation and joining a group scheme, says John Thoma

17 Jun 2013

Is building your firm’s institutional capital on your to-do list?

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham Law Schoo

29 May 2013

Editor's letter: Defining success

Don't rely on 'return on investment' when measuring the value of an initiative, says Manj

29 May 2013

Fair and equitable: Get partners to trust your new reward programme

Ian Jeffery explores the practical issues involved with changing your firm's approach to assessing and rewarding partner contributio

28 May 2013

Services rendered: How to fix the billable hour system

Law firms and corporate counsel should work together to fix the ?billable hour system rather than eliminate it, says Mike Trotte

28 May 2013

Protecting assets: Tips for managing your law firm’s equity

What is law firm equity and who should have it? Karl Wingfield explores the key components of an effective equity management strateg

28 May 2013

Splitting profits: Review your partner profit-sharing arrangements

Benjamin Viney explores why law firms are reviewing their partner profit-sharing arrangements, why it can be so hard to do and how to go about doing it

28 May 2013


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