Firms at risk: A new approach to resuscitating law firms in distress

The legal profession urgently needs to establish a new expert panel to help law firms facing regulatory intervention or insolvency, says Lesley Grave

29 Nov 2013

Cash in, cash out: The art of money laundering compliance

Lee Baxter provides some practical pointers for UK law firms on how to manage the risks of anti-money laundering complianc

29 Nov 2013

Renewal jungle: Trends in the US professional liability insurance market

Mid-sized US law firms are struggling to make sense of current trends in professional liability insurance, says Thomas Berma

25 Nov 2013

Barbed benefits: Taxes after the end of transfer pricing

Louis Baker suggests some options to manage the short-term impact ?of the termination of tax advantages for service companie

22 Nov 2013

Structures and prices: How do you provide value to your clients?

By Victoria Brackett, Managing Partner, Thomas Eggar  

18 Nov 2013

Pricing alchemy: Why your firm needs a blend of pricing options

Stratified pricing and a range of payment options give ?clients greater cost control and your firm more repeat business, says Richard Burche

17 Oct 2013

Merger suitor: Growing a law firm through mergers

Vicky Brackett shares how she is fulfilling Thomas Eggar's growth strategy throug

24 Sep 2013

Organic strategy: Increasing revenues without a merger

John Cahill discusses how his focus on people, product and profitability has resulted in a substantial growth at Stewarts Law without a merge

24 Sep 2013