LLPs remain alert: Abrams and Bates van Winkelhof

A solicitor providing services to an LLP through a service company was permitted to bring a claim. What does this mean for law firms and LLPs generally, as

30 Jun 2015 | Discrimination

New guidance launched to combat disfigurement discrimination

One in every hundred people of working age has an 'unusual facia

06 May 2015 | Discrimination

Leave to pay

With the introduction of shared parental leave, Charmaine Pollock considers when equivalent enhanced pay can lead to indirect discrimination b

31 Mar 2015 | Discrimination

Private sector employers required to publish gender pay gap information

A small amendment to the Equality Act 2010 will have a 'big impact on bi

17 Mar 2015 | Discrimination

Overwrought over the overweight

Will obese people be discouraged from losing weight now it can be classed as a disability, asks Damia

23 Feb 2015 | Discrimination

A long and winding road

February is LGBT history month. This will be the tenth annual event to raise awareness of, and combat prejudice against, what remains a substantially

06 Feb 2015 | Discrimination

High Court dismisses challenge to employment tribunal fees

Court describes fall in the claims as 'striking' and 'dramatic but needs mor

17 Dec 2014 | Discrimination

How to achieve the aim of gender equality

Targets and quotas will help to increase female representation at board level in the short term, but the ultimate goal has to be reward based solely on mer

15 Oct 2014 | Discrimination

Employment update

Ryan Clement discusses cases covering the test for remittal of proceedings, TUPE and employers' duty to inform, and reasonable adjustments require

10 Jun 2014 | Discrimination

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