The Bar

How law firms can increase the odds of successful tech adoption

Firms must find strong incentives and utilise the right people to successfully adopt new tech, argues Stephanie Vaughan.

14 Jul 2021 | Associates

Legal tech: linked in to real life?

James Matthews offers a practical perspective on the use of legal tech in client retention

09 Jul 2021 | Associates

Probate fees: proposed rise ‘unjustifiable’ says Law Society

Proposed 'alignment' of costs would mean £118 price hike for professional service users

09 Jul 2021 | Associates

The removal of homeless migrants: a legal challenge waiting to happen?

Sharmistha Michaels explains how the Home Office's updated immigration laws could threaten the rights of migrants who are sleeping rough

09 Jul 2021 | Associates

Regulation: the rise of the tactical complaint

Making a complaint about opposing counsel to advance your case is a dangerous game, warns Susanna Heley

07 Jul 2021 | Associates

Consistently inconsistent? Revisiting the scope of duty of care in negligence claims

Elliott Elsey considers the implications for professional advisers following recent landmark judgments in the Supreme Court

07 Jul 2021 | Associates

Finally, an end to the divorce blame game

Amanda Phillips-Wlyds considers how the upcoming changes to divorce law will revolutionise the current regime

07 Jul 2021 | Associates

BSB analysis: correlation between barrister characteristics and complaints

Gender, ethnicity, year of call and practising status affected likelihood of a compliant and how it would be dealt with

06 Jul 2021 | Associates

Linklaters senior partner and chair leaves firm after 31 years

Jacobs shared 'a few lessons' he will take into his new role as Co-Head of the UK Investment Bank at J.P. Morgan

02 Jul 2021 | Associates

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