Regulation: a catalyst for innovation?

Alison Hook queries whether regulation is the stumbling block between the profession and a meaningful legal technolog

28 Aug 2019

Trickle down or drying out?

Technological innovation will only improve access to justice if lawtech initiatives are properly funded, says Ala

14 Aug 2019

Is it possible to Monzo law?

We returned to the pros and cons of legal technology in the June/July issue, as the industry continues to wrestle with the critical balance between automation and personal lega

14 Aug 2019

Game Over: death in the digital age

There are many practical issues to consider when planning for a client’s ‘digital death’, as Matthew Dunca

31 Jul 2019

Minding the legal access gap

Tech innovators have been challenged to make legal support more accessible through new technology but can lawtech effectively close the access to justice gap? Nicola Lave

17 Jul 2019

Rethinking lawtech

Jean-Yves Gilg urges lawyers to reclaim lawtech and apply its potential to the reality o

12 Jun 2019

Top 200 embrace thought leadership marketing

The top 200 UK law firms are producing 93 per cent more thought leadership content online in 2019 than in 2014, according t

12 Jun 2019

Does digital technology have the potential to address the ‘legal gap’?

Despite the barriers to entry for digital solutions in the SME space, Chris Gorst believe technology could transform access to justice in th

03 Jun 2019

Legal system is failing ‘ordinary people’

Research has found that 58% of people in England and Wales think the legal system is not set up for ordinar

30 May 2019