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Social media's revolution of the legal world

Many lawyers have taken to social media like ducks to water, Nick Ree

20 Jun 2017

The cyber-smart solicitor

Andrew Lloyd explains what lawyers need to know to protect themselve

20 Jun 2017

LegalTech: AI enters the legal realm

What does new technology for the legal services market mean for the role of junior lawyers, wonders Jame

20 Jun 2017

Is probate facing a revolution?

Technology improves efficiency for probate practices without losing humanity, says Simo

19 Jun 2017

Supreme Court joins Instagram ahead of first ever Scotland sitting

New social media stream ‘will serve as a window into the life of the court beyond th

14 Jun 2017

ODR platform that inspired UK digital court project bought by US tech giant

Is a legal hackathon our best bet for a fully functional online court system, asks Jean-Yve

09 Jun 2017

Ten steps towards greater financial stability

Take care of your firm’s financial management and your firm will take care of you, advises Marty

06 Jun 2017

AI revolution and ‘Industry 4.0’

The opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence are huge, with the rate of development ever accelerating, writes Chri

23 May 2017

Cyber threat to law firms greater than ever

Only a matter of time before all organisations are breached, expert

23 May 2017


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