Legal services

Such a lonely word: reinventing honesty

Honesty seems to pop up ever more frequently in the context of client service, but what do we actually mean, asks Ala

24 Jan 2019

Price transparency: it’s about the wiggle room

New price transparency requirements have to be a positive development for law firms, but there is still an issue about unexpected costs, says Russel

24 Jan 2019

The fable of the boiling frog

Partners in legal aid firms are feeling the heat but, thanks to the government, can’t get out of the simmering pot, explains Stev

22 Sep 2017

The power of leadership in legal practices

Firms too often make the mistake of filling leadership roles based on seniority rather than the ability to take the business forward, writes Davi

13 Sep 2017

The new justice economy

Can you afford to ignore online dispute resolution? Tim Wallis is not s

12 Sep 2017

Don’t underestimate career paralegals

Amanda Hamilton explains why the legal profession needs to embrace all paralegals, not just those who aspire to becom

12 Sep 2017

On the side of angels

Truth Legal’s Andrew Gray talks to John van der Luit-Drummond about the ease of setting up his own ‘ethical’ law firm, ‘apartheid Britain’, and the challenges o

12 Sep 2017

Just in case, just might work

Public legal education isn’t just for ordinary people, it could be good for law firm

14 Aug 2017

Graduates develop lead generation chatbot for law firms

Prediction algorithm combined with machine learning will deliver quality referrals, LawBotX tea

24 Jul 2017