Legal services

A reasonable doubt is not good enough

Not only is the change to the civil standard of proof in disciplinary proceedings unlikely to result in more convictions, it is also a key differentiator marking out solicitors as trustworth

Legal system is failing ‘ordinary people’

Research has found that 58% of people in England and Wales think the legal system is not set up for ordinar

Sole practitioners exceed small firms' PEP

Profit-per-equity partner is on the rise for sole practitioners, with a survey finding it had exceeded that of two to four partner firms for the firs

Putting clients at the centre: joined-up legal and accountancy services

The combined professional services approach is not the preserve of large accountancy firms, says Simon Walsh as he shares his organisation’s ow

LSB retreats from ban on professional bodies ‘influencing’ regulatory arms

Super-regulator accepts prohibition of 'influence' could result in hampering legitimat

Freelance solicitors: walking in the middle lane of the motorway?

The new ‘freelance’ solicitor model looks a lot like the current consultant status – except it has none of the advantages for anyone, says Pau

Causing avoidable harm: cross-examination and the litigant in person

Family practitioners are experiencing an inconsistent approach to the cross-examination process where a litigant in person is involved, says Kar