Legal services

Regulatory fee reduction announced by CLC

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) has announced plans to reduce the regulatory fees imposed on CLC practices next year to an even lower level than that first proposed during a consultatio

09 Sep 2019

Regulation: a catalyst for innovation?

Alison Hook queries whether regulation is the stumbling block between the profession and a meaningful legal technolog

28 Aug 2019

The march of the niche law firm

What induces specialist solicitors to leave large firms and set up small niche, boutique practices? Nicola Lave

22 Aug 2019

The ‘Corbygeddon’ effect

The upsurge in wealthy clients seeking advice on moving money abroad means a greater appetite for legal advice on wealth protection in a matrimonial context, says Pipp

22 Aug 2019

Holding back the tide

Who knew legal practice could be fun? We’re forever faced with depressing facts and figures around mental health, court closures and lack of resources, but growing numbers of solicitors ar

22 Aug 2019

Is it possible to Monzo law?

We returned to the pros and cons of legal technology in the June/July issue, as the industry continues to wrestle with the critical balance between automation and personal lega

14 Aug 2019

Why ADR methods can never replace the true justice of legal aid

Proposals for a ‘third way’ to resolve low level family disputes involving children through an ADR model are doomed for lack of funding, says Davi

08 Aug 2019

No deal Brexit to cost Britain a future generation of lawyers and £3.5 billion i

A no-deal Brexit could cost Britain’s legal services sector £3.5 billion’s worth of work – ten per cent more than an orderly Brexit, according to the La

06 Aug 2019

SMEs lose out as legal system set up for big business, says research

Up to 2.4m small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), start-ups and the self-employed are being let down by the legal system and could be falling into a legal gap, according to research jus

29 Jul 2019