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Financial services & Tax

A Norfolk solution to offshore investments

Richard Barr encourages the world's 1 per cent to hide their fortunes in the East of England where it will be protected from investigative journalists

15 Apr 2016

Law firms target energy sector for fees payoff

UK's top 100 firms adopts sector based business strategy but chambers la

14 Apr 2016

Key private client tax changes in the March 2016 Budget

John Bunker and Anthony Nixon take a closer look at major changes to SDLT, lifetime ISA allowances, and CG

05 Apr 2016

HMRC retrieves over £150m in unpaid capital gains tax

Chancellor's refusal to reduce CGT for investors maintains pressure on buy-to-le

04 Apr 2016

Panama papers: HMRC could use ‘illicitly sourced’ information to launch investig

Clients who believe their confidentiality is assured are at increased risk of discovery, say

04 Apr 2016

Chancellor targets business investment with CGT decrease

The tax break will not apply to individual residential property investor

17 Mar 2016

Demand for financial advice leads to regulatory concerns

One in five lawyers concerned advice goes 'beyond their cor

14 Mar 2016

RNRB: Coping with downsizing

John Bunker advises on helping clients to anticipate future residence nil-rate ban

01 Mar 2016

Conflict of interests and RBS’s fear

The attempt by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to prevent law firm Cooke, Young & Keidan (CYK) from acting for Property Alliance Group (PAG) in its &p

16 Feb 2016


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