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Financial services & Tax

£20m retrieval should preserve SFO’s future, says lawyer

Agency 'here to stay' as the role of 'silent' NCA brought int

26 Jul 2016

Dodging a bullet: 
How to avoid costly 
property tax mistakes

Alun Oliver sets out the real and serious taxation risks thousands of solicitors face on second-hand commercial propert

19 Jul 2016

Putting a value on legal practices

Andrew Roberts considers how firms can prepare for potential mergers and avoid the mistakes and unrealistic expectations o

07 Jun 2016

Financial advice in estate administration

John Bunker discusses the financial and tax issues that can arise in estate administration and how providing advice on these matters can help build better

04 May 2016

How to respond to online banking fraud

Sophia Purkis and Lisa Serrant advise solicitors on the steps clients should take to recover stolen money, particularly where the bank refuses to make

04 May 2016

Re-arranging the furniture

Andy Poole and Graham Poles discuss the strategic and tax benefits to restructuring your la

04 May 2016

The divorce courts’ reaction to the Panama Papers

Keeping financial secrets an ocean away is as prevalent in family law as it is in offshore banking, but is anyone really surprised, writes Marily

04 May 2016

Solicitors suspended over tax avoidance schemes after SRA appeal

New sanction sends out strong message about the need to act with integrity, says SR

27 Apr 2016

Compliance is the steep cost of regulation. But is there a solution?

Copying the financial services market and forming networks could resolve smaller firms' and legal aid practices' woes, suggests Vi

26 Apr 2016


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