EU & International

Judges need clarity on EU law post-Brexit

Blaming judges for making law when parliament has failed to do so would be unfair, says Lor

Competence to conclude free trade agreements

As a member state that is shortly to become a non-member state, the UK must take a keen interest in the CJEU opinion on a free trade deal with Singapore, e

01 Aug 2017 | EU & International

Cross-border jurisdictions problematic for privilege

Different concepts of ‘privilege’ can present challenges, but there are a few steps that can bring some predictability, say Colin Passmore and Alexandr

24 Jul 2017 | EU & International

Pre-Brexit EU rulings to have equal status with Supreme Court decisions

Repeal Bill provides partial answers to senior judge’s concerns ove

13 Jul 2017 | EU & International

Rape as a tool of war

Sexual violence against women is no longer seen as just a by-product of conflict, yet there is still more to be done to ensure perpetrators of rape are bro

11 Jul 2017 | Children

The regressive immigration hoop jump

‘Settled status’ proposals for EU nationals are a step back for Europe, says Jennife

10 Jul 2017 | EU & International

Law firms must prepare for GDPR

Complying with the new GDPR provisions will also add value to your firm, says Christophe

16 Jun 2017 | EU & International

Claims for retrospective holiday pay should be allowed

AG opinion poses risk to ‘gig economy’ employers, sa

09 Jun 2017 | Employment

Italy, England and the great maintenance debate

As long as English courts will continue to make generous awards to the financially weaker spouse, London's reputation as the divorce capital will hold firm

07 Jun 2017 | Divorce

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