Courts & Judiciary

Video remand hearings reinstated by police

The police are to reinstate the use of VRM after government funding, the Law Society has

24 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

Inside the in-tray of Sir Geoffrey Vos

Tony Guise takes an imaginary peek inside the in-tray of the Master of the Rolls

19 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

MoJ website move could cause problems for LIPs

Lawyers are puzzled over MoJ moves to close website and publish its content on

HMCTS staff strike is on the cards

HMCTS members at 12 court buildings balloted by union over safety concerns, and outbreak

16 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

Under pressure: Mediation pilot is no silver bullet to solve

A housing mediation pilot to ease the case backlog is risky for tenants, lawyers have warned

10 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

Witnesses and victims withdraw from criminal trials in record

Significant increase in failed criminal trials as record numbers of witnesses and victims

09 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

Covid-19 and the criminal courts: Investment is the key

Nick Titchener, director and defence solicitor at Lawtons Law, explains what's needed to

08 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

Critical system failure: no CJS recovery without government

The risks facing the criminal justice system have reached a critical point, a report warns

19 Jan 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

‘Normal’ court hours clarified by family court president

The president of the Family Division has made clear that longer court hours are not

08 Jan 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

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