Courts & Judiciary

Munby and outspoken judges

We expect our judges to be clear, reasonable, and proportionate in their remarks, and not to use the emotionally charged language of newspaper columnists, writes Blair Gibbs

Lord Thomas: Further court closures are ‘inevitable’

‘It’s a question of how radical are we prepared to be’

Decide for yourself

The judgment in CH v A Metropolitan Council demonstrates that before making decisions for a vulnerable person, there is a real obligation to support them to gain capacity where possible, writes Sophia Roper

Munby P updates domestic abuse practice advice

Domestic abuse ‘a scourge on our society’, says president

The future for costs in judicial review

The Unison judgment may inform the debate on Jackson LJ’s recent proposal for the current CPR rules on costs in environmental cases to be extended to all judicial review claims, explains Richard Honey

Half of jurors in rape cases reach guilty verdict before deliberation

Juries not necessarily offering ‘fair and impartial assessment’ of evidence, says researcher

Independence of duty solicitors must be made clear

Headhunt lawyers who are appropriate for judicial roles, suggests criminal solicitor