Changing the culture of traditional partnerships

For a law firm to become truly agile, it cannot simply rely upon technology and flexible contracts, explains Rober

27 Jun 2017

AI conundrum: Replacing experience with value?

If artificial intelligence can help junior lawyers handle more complex tasks and satisfy their millennial appetite for quality work while meeting client demand for speed and cost savings, where wil

26 Jun 2017

Access to justice: When public legal education meets tech

Technology can help claimants deal with their legal problems, writes Mar

26 Jun 2017

March of the robots: The rise of artificial intelligence in the legal profession

Drooms is working on replacing time-demanding manual work with AI that allows analysts, sellers, and buyers – and their lawyers – to focus on executing more strategic tasks, writes Ja

21 Jun 2017

Appropriate responses to social media abuse

Emma Maule advises on dealing with the uglier side of the onlin

20 Jun 2017

Social media's revolution of the legal world

Many lawyers have taken to social media like ducks to water, Nick Ree

20 Jun 2017

The cyber-smart solicitor

Andrew Lloyd explains what lawyers need to know to protect themselve

20 Jun 2017

LegalTech: AI enters the legal realm

What does new technology for the legal services market mean for the role of junior lawyers, wonders Jame

20 Jun 2017

Is probate facing a revolution?

Technology improves efficiency for probate practices without losing humanity, says Simo

19 Jun 2017