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How to make analytics work for you

Sophisticated technology tools such as machine learning or block chain are no longer the preserve of City firms, says Robert Camp, as he shares the journey

02 Apr 2019

I, Lawyer: the convenience of artificial intelligence

AI floated into legal circles from computer labs about a decade ago. Ten years on it still has a nebulous aura of complexity and priciness: is it just for

06 Mar 2019

Partnership model and billable hours hinder lawtech adoption

Greater awareness of the potential of lawtech not matched by rate of adoption among la

17 Feb 2019

Seeing through price transparency

Canny conveyancers have long understood the benefits of price transparency, argues Paul Hajek; it’s just a shame the regulators still don’t see how informe

02 Feb 2019

Joining-up tech

From client data to cyber-risk prevention, whether a one-off project or a recurring issue, joining-up and integrating tech and IT applications is ultimatel

31 Jan 2019

Tales from practice | Reboot successful

Richard Barr receives a panic report involving some dea

31 Jan 2019

Responding to the phasing out of critical practice-management software

With established legal software products reaching their end-of-life point, hundreds of law firms suddenly face an unprecedented challenge forcing them to “

25 Jan 2019

Collision course: Future-proofing your personal injury business

The latest set of law reforms about to hit the personal injury market will be particularly hard on the low-value RTA sector. Rachel Rothwell considers what

25 Jan 2019

Online probate beta testing to be extended to solicitors this autumn

Lawyer concerned new system could be ‘abused by unscrupulou

20 Sep 2017


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