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Technology column: Fee-earner-centric computing: making life easier for lawyers

One of the current hot topics in legal technology is ‘matter-centric’ computing. This means creating the digital equivalent of the old paper file, where copies of all the documents relating to a particular case or matter were stored in one manilla folder so anyone could pick up the file and immediately have the whole matter at their fingertips.

TimeKM Mobile designed to deliver flexibility

PensEra Knowledge Technologies has launched TimeKM Mobile, a TimeKM component that lets mobile lawyers instantly send and receive time and knowledge updates using a BlackBerry, GoodLink or combo data/mail wireless handheld device, such as the Treo 600.

Legal technology: Coping with e-mail

It is not that long ago that e-mail was still being talked about as the “killer app” that would really change the way lawyers work. And it certainly has – although perhaps not in the way originally envisaged if reports that in some City firms fee earners are spending as much of 40 per cent of their time dealing with e-mail are anything to go by.

Videss launch Visual Office

Videss, the Yorkshire-based supplier of IT solutions for the legal profession, has launched Visual Office – reporting software built using the Microsoft .NET framework.

Technology matters: no really, it does

Charles Christian, editor of the Legal Technology Insider newsletter begins a regular Managing Partner technology column. In this month’s introduction, he explains why technology is so essential in the modern law firm.