Legal services

How pricing is turning into a specialist role

Just as pricing is becoming an essential part of a law firm’ strategy, so the pricing function is becoming a clearer position in many legal practices whatever their size, says Marty

18 Apr 2019

The unearthly appeal of the rule of law

Alan Larkin reflects on the theatre that is family law, where chaos forever attempts to disrupt the orderly framework of th

15 Apr 2019

Mayson revisits question of title-based regulation

The title ‘solicitor’ was queried as the “lynchpin” of current legal services regulation this week during a public meeting on the future of regulation for th

14 Mar 2019

Nearly half of law firms now set up as corporate entities

Decline in traditional partnerships suggests new approach to lega

06 Mar 2019

Law Society ‘wrong’ to oppose regulatory reforms

Former SRA policy director urges Chancery Lane to embrace independenc

03 Mar 2019

Seeing through price transparency

Canny conveyancers have long understood the benefits of price transparency, argues Paul Hajek; it’s just a shame the regulators still don’t see how informed consent is nothing withou

02 Feb 2019

Bare essentials: why students should get involved in pro bono

Pro bono work places volunteers in front of real clients and allows them to develop practical legal skills — and it should form a vital part of law students’ education, says Emm

31 Jan 2019

Tales from practice | Reboot successful

Richard Barr receives a panic report involving some dea

31 Jan 2019

Costs ABS enters administration

Manchester-based Just Costs Solicitors has gone into administration, according to report

28 Jan 2019