Disabled lawyers bullied and disadvantaged

The legal profession has a long way to go to address poor behaviour, said a report that revealed many disabled lawyers experience bullying, pain and f

24 Jan 2020

EHRC: no more excuses for NDA abuse

Lawyers should not have to take all responsibility for drafting and negotiating non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), the Equality and Human Rights Commis

21 Oct 2019

Planning for R-Day

How can law firms plan for a partner’s retirement? Michael Burne recommends early conversations with partners for the long-term benefit of the individ

23 Jul 2019

Pushing back against a culture of acquiescence

The profession should stop accepting as a given that stress is a normal part of legal life, says Pipp

10 Jul 2019

Pay gap reporting is vital in the fight for equality

Pay transparency should not be limited to the early years of lawyers’ careers but apply right through to partnership, argues Dan

03 Jul 2019

Law Society unveils results of male-only roundtables on gender imbalance

The Law Society has published findings from a series of men-only roundtables as part of its Women in Leadership in La

23 May 2019

Does your firm reflect the make-up of its community?

Flexible working is one way of supporting women lawyers, but this is only the starting point for a wider and effective diversity Epolicy, says Aliso

16 Apr 2019

Why are lawyers so depressed?

Lawyers’ wellbeing statistics are not a good read and scientists are still piecing together the reasons why this should be so, explains Dr Bob Murra

02 Apr 2019

The great training conundrum

Solicitors Journal’s first CPD survey since the new regime was introduced in November 2016 reveals a profession struggling to come to grips with a far

02 Apr 2019