Career development

A position of trust

Despite what you read in the Daily Mail , lawyers hold a position of trust in society, says Kerr

19 Jun 2017

600 per cent surge in UK solicitors joining Irish roll

Brexit-driven transfer decisions responsible for large number of ne

31 May 2017

How to be independent

With reports of record numbers of solicitors taking the plunge as freelance consultants within a virtual firm, what motivates them? And how do they survive the first year without the safety net of

31 May 2017

Apprenticeships: Paying the levy, reaping the rewards

The apprenticeship levy has been introduced, but what does it mean for the legal industry, wonders Emm

23 May 2017

Maximising the millennial networking resource

Harnessing Generation Y’s expertise in digital interactions can help a firm put a new spin on business development, explains Hele

19 May 2017

Growing demand for talent

Catherine Henry discusses the latest trends and developments in Yorkshire and the North East’s private clien

10 May 2017

Are we surviving or thriving?

In the increasingly demanding and changing legal environment, resilience is important, writes Elizabet

08 May 2017

Gender pay gap: What the figures really tell us

The data required by the new regulations should be the starting point for change, writes Sara

08 May 2017

Largest UK legal merger completed as CMS, Nabarro, and Olswang become one

Diversity and career development remain core values in new UK’s 6th biggest firm b

02 May 2017