Career development

'The Clash Question'

Adam Hattersley offers advice to trainee solicitors worried about not being retained by their firms

So you want to be a partner

With competition in the legal market and barriers to making partner increasing, a selection of senior lawyers give some practical guidance to junior practitioners with aspirations of advancement. John van der Luit-Drummond reports

How to be a better solicitor

Clear advice and effective communication are key to being a good solicitor, advises Roisin Harper

Nominations open for Inspirational Women in Law Award

Winner will have her story recorded for the First 100 Years digital museum, alongside other legal trailblazers

A position of trust

Despite what you read in the Daily Mail , lawyers hold a position of trust in society, says Kerry Underwood

600 per cent surge in UK solicitors joining Irish roll

Brexit-driven transfer decisions responsible for large number of new admissions

How to be independent

With reports of record numbers of solicitors taking the plunge as freelance consultants within a virtual firm, what motivates them? And how do they survive the first year without the safety net of a salary?