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Business Development & Strategy

Keep calm and collaborate

Darren Sylvester and Rachel Roche suggest some ingredients for firms’ disaster recovery plans

14 Jan 2021

Eight steps to resilience in 2021: getting analytical

Chris Marston shares the experts’ top tips for a successful strategy for the future

14 Jan 2021

Lawyers need ‘greater aptitude’ for business to win SMEs’ trust

The legal sector needs a greater aptitude for business if lawyers want to help commercial clients with their legal problems, a lawyer warned 

14 Jan 2021

Data is everything

Invest your marketing budget wisely, then monitor and use your data closely, says Qamar Anwar

07 Jan 2021

Fortune favours the brave

Law firms need to be braver if they truly want to close the social mobility gap, says Tom Lyas

17 Dec 2020

UK’s first teaching law firm wins gong for ‘outstanding’ community work 

The UK's first teaching law firm has been recognised for ‘outstanding’ community work across Nottinghamshire

16 Dec 2020

Keep calm and carry on

Kate Oldfield shares her philosophy on how to stay steady in a storm  

16 Dec 2020

The end of legal industry incrementalism

Change has been forced on many a firm to make them become more efficient, as Nicola Jones explains

15 Dec 2020

Data in the driving seat

Tracking business development data is essential for firm growth, explains Fiona Jackson

08 Dec 2020


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