Human rights

Theresa May ‘pretends human rights are the problem’ in fight against terrorism

Prime minister’s ‘dead cat’ diversion comes under fire ahead of general election

Tories ‘consider’ ban on personal injury cold calling

Stamp out of nuisance calls welcomed but plan to scrap SFO described as ‘a pity’

Lib Dems pledge LASPO review and more funding for criminal legal aid

Insurance for company directors to help fund justice spend, says party’s manifesto

Labour commits to restoring access to justice

Manifesto hints at bringing back legal aid and redesigning judicial review

Prisons and Courts Bill abandoned

Government policies kicked into the long grass ahead of UK election

Government prioritises ‘speed before justice’ with new asylum appeals plan

Rushing appeals risks unlawful removals, argues Law Society’s vice president

Appeal judges allow assisted-dying campaigner’s case to proceed

Court distinguishes Noel Conway’s circumstances from Nicklinson and says case is arguable