Landlord & Tenant

The private rented sector post-Brexit: Carrying on as usual

Tessa Shepperson discusses how the referendum result will affect landlords and tenants, particularly in terms of changes or delays to ne

08 Aug 2016

There’s a right way – and a wrong way – to draft a notice

Simple errors often result in section 21 applications being returned; District Judge Heather Johns explains how solicitors can avoid these mistakes and the ensuin

19 Jul 2016

Bad law and bad decisions

Wayne Clark and Ciara Fairley discuss the criticisms aimed at the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 and the judgment in EMI Grou

19 Jul 2016

McDonald: Settling unanswered questions

David Sawtell and Erol Topal consider the Supreme Court decision on the application of article 8 to private secto

12 Jul 2016

Supreme Court rejects claim that possession order infringed tenant’s human right

Justices hold that proportionality arguments do not bite against privat

15 Jun 2016

A review of landlord and tenant case law

Elizabeth Haggerty provides a refresher on some of the most significant decisions of the past six months, together with potentially important forthcomin

02 Jun 2016

What will be the impact of new housing legislation?

Questions remain over whether the Housing Act will make housing accessible, especially for those most in need, says Debr

02 Jun 2016

The new-look 'right to rent'

The right to rent revisions increase the burden on landlords and agents, writes Daniell

02 Jun 2016

Problems with possession proceedings

Landlords and tenants find themselves in increasingly dire straits as a result of limited social housing and an overburdened court system, writes Tess

20 Apr 2016