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What do home businesses mean for landlords?

Elizabeth Dwomoh and Richard Hayes analyse the effect of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 on business tenancy renewa

27 Oct 2015

Freifeld v West Kensington Court Ltd: What a relief

Simon Allison looks at the circumstances in which relief from forfeiture will be granted by the court, and where it wil

14 Oct 2015

How to challenge a development consent order

Pay attention to timing and procedure to avoid your claim failing before any consideration is even given to the substance, advises Jac

22 Sep 2015

Thanks for sharing

Should social media users have the right to 'edit' their online histories, asks Emm

24 Aug 2015

Understanding the commercial effect of clauses

James Corbett, Ros Cullis, Nik Ireland, and Miri Stickland discuss the drafting of lease agreements and whether the parties' intentions can overrul

21 Jul 2015

Worth noticing

Magnus Hassett discusses the importance of clarity and attention to detail, both in terms of complying with regulations and when writing notices an

19 May 2015

High tidemark for village greens?

Robert Kelly questions whether a beach can be considered a 'villag

15 Apr 2015

Similar but not the same

Online shopping has created new challenges for companies looking to protect their brands. Carrollanne Lindley and Alexandra Pygall discuss the latest high-

14 Apr 2015

Taylor Swift registers own ‘adult’ web URLs

'Prevention better than cure' as lawyers advise ownership could avoid high-profile legal action to recover web addresses from thir

24 Mar 2015


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