Tax & Wealth structuring

Saving for a jigsaw

A wide variety of tax-free investments that together form a strong collective are waiting to be utilised by privat

21 Mar 2016

What now for Brussels IV?

As the UK considers its position in the EU, where does the uncertainty and a potential 'out' vote leave the European assets of vulnerabl

21 Mar 2016

Solid foundations?

Foundations are non-existent in the England and Wales legal toolbox - we generally use trusts to achieve the same effects. So what happens when beneficiaries dispute over a foundation, using

21 Mar 2016

A prehistoric practice

Much like drink-driving, the letter of the law and the court of public opinion have rightly pushed aggressive tax avoidance into th

17 Mar 2016

Against the sands of time

Withstanding the effects of time requires a well-constructed succession plan that is periodically reviewed, advises Suzanna

16 Mar 2016

Just another fad?

The financial advice market is the latest in a line of industries to come under attack from newer and more sophisticated technology. Is robo-advice the real deal, asks Ben Gos

16 Mar 2016

The truth of the non-dom matter

Fairness has nothing to do with it. The UK has to give competitive incentives to non-doms if it wants to benefit from thei

15 Mar 2016

Making a difference

A new hunger is sweeping through the high-net-worth ranks - a hunger to structure wealth in a socially responsibl

15 Mar 2016

Trojan transparency

A global financial transparency drive led by the most powerful nations could be the final nail in the trusts coffin, warns Filipp

14 Mar 2016