Tax & Wealth structuring

Realign the portrait

Penetrated by social media, new talent and invasive transparency pressures, the art industry is being reshaped by completely new hands

Innovation addicts

Young entrepreneurs are not interested in establishing a single business and profiting from it handsomely; they have serial ambitions

That's justice

The courts have strengthened the hand of executors who are often left holding the bag when there is an estate administration hitch

A lost art

There is no government allowance or tax free incentive too small to be taken advantage of, not least of all CGT allowances

Safe as houses?

The Court of Appeal's interpretation as to what type of property is capable of beneficial occupation has risked alienating investors from a large segment of the property market

Central bank roulette

Negative interest rates have been deployed in a desperate last roll of the dice by central banks that have nowhere else to turn - and their positive effects are far from guaranteed

Wasteful, not immoral

There is nothing wrong with having efficient tax affairs, as there is no such thing as a 'correct' amount of tax that must be paid by any tax payer