Whiplash portal causes concern over access to justice and compensation 

Claimants may be entitled to less compensation than previously

Inside the in-tray of Sir Geoffrey Vos

Tony Guise takes an imaginary peek inside the in-tray of the Master of the Rolls

MoJ website move could cause problems for LIPs

Lawyers are puzzled over MoJ moves to close website and publish its content on

CMA warns pay up in 7 days or face court

The CMA has sent company a letter before action over its failure to refund £1m to customers whose package holidays were cancelled

Under pressure: Mediation pilot is no silver bullet to solve housing case backlog

A housing mediation pilot to ease the case backlog is risky for tenants, lawyers have warned

High Court rejects lawyers’ bid to recover £1m advertising costs

Solicitors' advertising costs in BA group litigation are the cost of getting the business in and not recoverable

08 Feb 2021 | Costs

Online momentum

The inaugural master of the rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, has set out his vision for civil justice reform which would see claimants start all claims online, cre

Late amendments and jeopardising the trial date

Potential delay to a trial is a key factor for the court when deciding applications to amend statements of case, says Tom Deely

27 Jan 2021 | Litigation

Defamatory review of solicitors costs ex-client £25,000

A former client of a Birmingham firm was ordered to pay £25,000 in damages plus costs after posting a defamatory review online. 

21 Jan 2021 | Legal services

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