Professional negligence

PII renewal season: Claim trends

Steve Holland assesses the pattern of claims notifications seen in different practice areas and advises firms on preparing for this year's PII renewal

Addressing causation in valuer negligence cases

It is key to establish whether claims satisfy the 'but for' test of causation at an early stage, advises Eleanor Kilner

Who should pay for bad legal advice?

Firms that rely on standard letters to advise clients leave themselves open to potentially opportunistic professional negligence claims, warns Jennifer Haren

The court is king

Youth is no excuse for blunders in court, says Caroline Field, as two recent cases remind litigators of all ages of their responsibilities

Professional negligence claims against property agents drop by two thirds

High-street lenders make up bulk of claimants for overvaluation of properties

PII renewal season: Get into shape this summer

Turning your mind to the issue now gives you the chance to get 'PII-fit', which could see you negotiate a tighter settlement, discusses Chris Marston

Cannibalism in the legal sector

Firms are preying on each other as the number of opportunistic claims for under-settlement of a previous case increases, says Chris Neale