Update: local government

Peter Hill reviews the coalition's draft structural reform plan, localism bill and drive towards transparency, public procurement regulation breaches, and council surveillanc

04 Oct 2010

Trust issues

Too many basic errors have left the charity sector swarming with conflicts of interest – and it is up to lawyers to sort it out, says Michelle Russel

27 Sep 2010

Update: planning

Julian Boswall and Suzanne Walford discuss the implications of the coalition government’s planning reforms, the Penfold review of non-planning consents, commercially sensitive information submitte

20 Sep 2010

Consumers left out of third party litigation funds

Third party litigation funding will not plug any gaps in access to justice, according to the first academic study on th

03 Jun 2010

Known unknowns

ABSs could deliver genuine benefits but there is just no way of knowing at this stage whether the model will be suitable for your firm, says Jonatha

20 Apr 2010

Are you sitting comfortably?

The position of many claimants in actions against the police remains far from comfortable, despite the decision in Hoare, as they face several uncertainties when pursuing their case – not least th

12 Jan 2010

In a fix

Fixture or fitting? The distinction is not always obvious but practitioners should ensure it is clear whether or not an item is included in the sale of land, says Natash

22 Dec 2009

Solicitor advocates could become barristers, Bar chairman suggests

Nicholas Green QC, new chairman of the Bar Council, has shown he is prepared to think the unthinkable by suggesting that solicitor advocates could in the future be regulated a

09 Dec 2009

Experts in family proceedings to be identified

Experts appearing as witnesses in family proceedings could be named under proposals unveiled by the Ministry of Justic

20 Nov 2009