150 firms sending divorce clients to litigation loan provider

Courts 'actively encouraging people' to get loans to reduce litigants in perso

28 Nov 2012

Litigation focus | Broader funding opportunities: introducing damages-based agre

Graham Huntley discusses the potential impact of damages-based agreements as we approach their roll out across all types of civi

11 Sep 2012

Litigation focus | Investment culture: The future of third-party funding

Venture capitalists remain interested in high-value litigation but is there an ?emerging market for funding smaller cases? Nick Rowles-Davie

11 Sep 2012

Relying on legal expenses insurance may ‘confuse the consumer’

LeO's YouGov survey suggests consumers unsure about polic

11 Jul 2012

Family business | We must not ignore the warnings about fixed fees

The dire situation in the residential property sector gives us a taste of things to come if we adopt this method elsewhere: quality will plummet and negligence claims and insurance premiums wil

11 Jun 2012

Balancing the cost of legal aid reforms

Changes to the funding regime for personal injury cases are set to affect both sides of the market. Key stakeholders explain how the reforms can most fairly serve al

16 Apr 2012

Lords reject proposals to replace legal aid for children with CFAs

The government suffered another battering over the legal aid bill in the lords this afternoon as peers endorsed a series of amendments to bring all children cases back int

27 Mar 2012

Jersey open its doors to third-party funding

Royal Court ruling 'good news fo

12 Dec 2011

Third time lucky

The voluntary third-party funding code is a step in the right direction, but will we need more formal regulation in the future? Gavin Foggo and Caroline Benha

12 Dec 2011