ATE insurers encouraged by post-Jackson take-up

‘News of ATE’s demise has been muc

14 May 2013

Court rules against public funding of expert report

Law Society intervention fails to preven

10 Apr 2013

Civil legal aid faces further big cuts

Criminal clients could lose choice o

09 Apr 2013

Giving immigration lawyers space to breathe

Immigration lawyers want to continue helping vulnerable migrants, but are struggling to see a way forward. Fiona Bawdon reports on a new model ?that could help alleviat

08 Mar 2013

In for a penny

As a tentative market for funding smaller cases develops,
James Delaney advises lawyers to look for the opportunities and remember that a return is every investor’

08 Mar 2013

ATE insurance market ‘has a future’

Small businesses and environmental claims may be amon

29 Jan 2013

Work harder for less

Third-party funding will become an increasingly tempting option for litigators post-Jackson but it will put them under greater financial pressure says Andrew Prynn

07 Jan 2013

Legal expenses insurer becomes ABS

Abbey Protection Group could buy law firm to expand lega

12 Dec 2012

Litigation funding losses “have only just began”

Honeymoon is over for some funders, Bellam

30 Nov 2012