What does the future hold for third-party litigation funding?

David Greene, Ken Daly, and Jeunesse Edwards consider the development of third-party litigation funding, the risks and rewards involved, and whether there is a need for regulation of the growin

18 Dec 2015

Wider discretion given to costs judges when assessing solicitors’ costs

Court of Appeal considers 'special circumstances' when departing from one fifth rule for firs

23 Nov 2015

Augusta Ventures funds ten professional negligence claims against solicitors

Analysis of claims reveals individuals just as likely to seek funding a

11 Nov 2015

Litigation funder coordinates shareholder action against Volkswagen

'Emissions scandal' gives rise to alleged breach of German securitie

02 Oct 2015

Irwin Mitchell offers claimants fixed fees in commercial litigation

Clients to be given a 'huge degree of certainty, in an often uncertai

01 Oct 2015

Damages-based agreements need urgent review

Government must promote confidence in Jackson's litigation fundin

03 Sep 2015

Litigation-funding firm reveals 56 per cent growth in operating profit

Burford Capital reports largest recovery to date along with impressive half-yea

28 Jul 2015

Releasing the chokehold

Lord Chancellor Michael Gove can make an immediate impression by re-thinking recent hikes in court fees, says Richar

26 May 2015

Crowdfunding for justice takes multinational oil companies to court

Kickstart of the legal world aims to promote access to justice amid severe cuts to legal ai

22 May 2015