The incompetent expert

The Bar is a good sounding board for solicitors searching for the best expert, says Nick Barraclough

06 Mar 2020

Legal professional privilege revisited

Legal advice privilege in documents or communications can inadvertently be lost, warns Andrew Pavlovic

27 Feb 2020

Covert operations

Has the admissibility of covert digital recordings tipped the balance in favour of the claimant? Nicola Laver reports

29 Jan 2020

Why we sue

An overwhelming need for certainty, autonomy, trust and status is driving the impulse to sue others, says Dr Bob Murray

16 Jan 2020

The sky’s the limit

It’s a long way from her childhood ambition of stand-up comedy but Suzanne Liversidge is embarking on a monumental new leadership role at Kennedys, an

12 Oct 2019

Injured veterans to be denied access to justice

Government plans to block some injured armed forces personnel and veterans from the courts have been condemned as perverse by the Association of Perso

11 Oct 2019

The cost of solicitors’ bills

There are opportunities for costs lawyers in challenging solicitors’ bills, but Claire Green says they are also the answer to th

02 Oct 2019

Judiciary explained with new online course

The Modern Judiciary: Who they are, what they do and why it matters is a massive online open course (MOOC) developed by the judiciary in partnership w

02 Oct 2019

Court closures loom as justice system reforms falter

In its latest report on the plans to reform the justice system to make it simpler and cheaper to run, the NAO said although progress has been made, HM

13 Sep 2019