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Financial services & Tax

Legal privilege: A right under attack

Significant problems exist between individual rights and the demands of government and regulators, writes John van de

07 Dec 2016

New HMRC proposals place tax lawyers between a rock and a hard place

‘Unworkable’ tax avoidance enabler plans make HMRC ‘judge, jury, and executioner’ of ta

12 Oct 2016

FTSE 100 firms set aside £31bn as legal bills rise

Companies continue ‘heavy investment’ in in-house legal and complianc

26 Sep 2016

Government plans place substantial non-dom income tax revenue at risk

Policymakers should consider long-term impacts of proposed reforms to non-dom status, says ta

14 Sep 2016

Additional SDLT and the mixed property

Julie Butler discusses the tax planning opportunities available to purchasers of mixed residential and commercial properties, particularly in the farmin

07 Sep 2016

Under the spotlight

In the wake of the Panama Papers scandal, León Fernando del Canto reviews the steps being taken by the EU to combat tax evasion and the use of

07 Sep 2016

Lawyers baulk at government plans to sanction ‘tax avoidance enablers’

Retrospective measures are defined too broadly and could ensnare legal advisers, war

18 Aug 2016

‘Glamping’: A trade or furnished holiday accommodation

With the rise of glamorous camping, Julie Butler considers the tax efficiency of far

18 Aug 2016


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