Marriage & Civil partnership

MoJ mediation report tells us ‘little that’s new’

National Family Mediation says the source of referrals to family mediation have 'flipped' since the legal ai

02 Feb 2015

Practitioners urged to remain vigilant over Public Law Outline

The success of the system is in the hands of those within it, warns famil

02 Feb 2015

Don't blame lawyers for spiralling costs

The litigants were at fault for the extortionate costs in Seagrove v Sullivan, says Marily

13 Jan 2015

Let there be light

The lack of transparency in the family courts is preventing practitioners and the law from progressing, say Kate Landells and Jemm

16 Dec 2014

New divorce service will ‘spark a sea-change’ in how separation is handled

HJA's fixed-fee offering said to appeal to middle-income families hoping to avoid the 'appalling profligacy' of lega

16 Dec 2014

Civil partnerships can now be converted into marriages

'Historic legislation' could be the end of the line for civi

10 Dec 2014

Mediation in the age of reduced legal aid

We are currently in the third annual Family Dispute Resolution Week, a campaign organised by Resolution and supported by many family lawyers to promote alternative, non-court ways of resolving famil

03 Dec 2014

MoJ report recommends legal advice for litigants in person

Increase in legal costs for represented party when one or more litigants in person involved in family la

01 Dec 2014

‘Two-tier’ family justice system needs more government support

Free family mediation for couples in England and Wales set t

03 Nov 2014